Ghost Train

On a dark Halloween night in 1915, a train carrying 44 passengers and crew left Kamloops Junction destined for the town of Blue River. The train disappeared into a thick fog while passing through Wolfenden and never reappeared. Many have searched, but none have been able to find any trace of the train, the crew, or the passengers…

Since the restoration of the 2141 steam locomotive, strange events have taken place around the time of Halloween. Have the spirits been resurrected? Join us on the 1-hour long Ghost Train as we tell their story and settle their restless souls.

Past history has seen an unearthly looking undertaker passing through with his coffin just at boarding and the ghoulish crew onboard is uneasy in his presence. You will join the ever-returning missing passengers on board as they hope to reach their final resting places. Hear their tales and keep your distance as some may hope to take you with them to the beyond.

As we travel into the darkness, a bride-to-be cries out, the ghouls cringe and a mysterious widow hides as a strange rider on horseback appears in the distance. A flaming torch reveals the source of his pain as his horrifically disfigured and menacing shape moves in and out of the shadows.

What happens at the church and graveyard must stay there forever as our passengers are brought into a story of lost love and love found. Happy endings are not always what they seem and everyone is warned to prepare for the worst.

The foul creature of the night on horseback may reappear to end his eternal search for that which is lost but must be found. Is it onboard? What purpose does the black, horse-drawn hearse serve driven by the wretched looking grim reaper? More torches reveal the cruel purpose and screams and crying serve only to insight the servants of the dead as they melt off into the dark of the night.

Join us in the graveyard beside the station upon return for your chance to be photographed with the undead!

Departures: October 19th, 20th, 26th & 27th, 2019

Dearly departing at 7:00 p.m. Dying to return at 8:00 p.m.


Adults        $20.00

Seniors (60+)  $15.00

Youth (5-18)    $12.00

Children 4 and under – Free (can not occupy a seat)

Family (2 adults and 2 youth)    $57.00

Group – $14.00

All rates, dates and times subject to change.